Sino Union Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the leading graphite suppliers worldwide. Established in 1988°£Located in Heilongjiang Province, We mainly supply products are Graphite, Cenospheres, Micro silicon powder, etc .A main graphite supply base in China, we associate with 26 professional graphite plants and mines.

Our company supplies over 200,000MT of flake graphite (high, medium and low carbon), high-purity flake graphite, micronized graphite, expandable graphite, amorphous graphite, synthetic graphite, boron carbide, plat acid sodium and related products. Company exports product to the USA, Japan, Europe and Russia. We have been manufacturing according to ISO9001 standards since 2001, while smooth communication and efficient shipping facilities guarantee our goods can be delivered on time to locations all over the world.

Drift beads products are mainly supplied to oil production and processing of flame retardant and coatings industry, and taking strict control supervision over the quality of products, to take level 3 test supervision mechanism, ensure that export levels reach the top.Micro silicon powder at home and abroad, construction, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields have been recognized and has a good reputation.

We are pleased to build business relationships with all clients worldwide. As we continue to improve our service and production capabilities, we look forward to more cooperation at home and abroad.