The product has high purity and excellent chemical stability, air-tightness,

aging resistance and low precipitation and is smellless, germ-free and innocuous and has extremely low water absorption and perfect dispersion. The product is applicable in porcelain, paper making, paint, cable, rubber, plastic and medical industries. With years development, our company has accumulated profuse experience and reliable credit and ability to ensure stable quality in kaolin industry and has won trust from all customers.

Product Characteristics: The main composition of kaolin is kaolinite subgroup mineral and kaolin can be classified into two categories: soft clay mineral and non-clay mineral. Kaolinite mineral is mainly composed with fine flakes of less than 2m or pipe-shaped kaolinite group mineral. Due to its chemical composition of aluminum silicate that contains water, the layered structure and particulate property, kaolinite has many special properties that many general minerals lack, this shows that the wide usage of kaolin is affiliated with its excellent physical properties. Pure kaolin has high whiteness, soft texture, perfect plasticity, high cohesiveness, excellent electric insulation performance and perfect suspension performance in water, as well as perfect physical and chemical properties, such as: acid solution resistance, low cation exchange capacity and high refractory degree.

Application Domain: Porcelain, paper making, paint, cable, rubber, plastic and medical industries.